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Another picture from Letchworth park that I never got the chance to post
Here are some pictures from Sunday when Keila and I went to Stony Brook.
Stony Brook Park | 11/15/2004 |

Here is a picture of Keila and me next to the falls

Another picture of Keila and me next to the waterfall

Keila and me

Another picture of the river

A little stream along the trail

Amazing waterfall

Another little waterfall we found along the hike

The river

It was sunny out, but really cold!

One of the waterfalls near the end of the trail

Here is a cool picture of some running water

One of the wreaths that they were selling at the Eastman house. If you look closely you can see Keila and I reflected in some of the ornaments.

A cool view of the stairwell in Eastman's mansion

Here is a picture of Eastman's lobby, notice the elephant's head mounted on the wall!

One of about 50 fireplaces in Eastman's house

Eastman's main lobby

A picture of Eastman's office

Some flowers that were laid out in the house

Gingerbread house

Another gingerbread house...this one lit up!

Another gingerbread house

Another shot of the gingerbread house

Catching up on some reading with George

Mr Eastman and me posing for a picture