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A few more pictures around the tree.

Another Christmas update | 12/27/2004 |



Here's a few pictures from Christmas day.

Merry Christmas! | 12/26/2004 |

Through the mirror, Rebecca is on a trampoline in the background.

My cousin Amanda

Corey ripping open a gift.

My brother showing off his new camera to Rebecca.
All of these were taken by Keila.

Pictures of Me! | 12/25/2004 |

It's Me!


Me again!

This picture was taken in Christy's room about a month ago
Jen and Jeff | 12/24/2004 |
Here's a few more pictures from in and around my house. The outdoor pictures were taken when it was about five degrees outside and for some reason I thought a couple eight minute exposures would be fun tonight. Anyways, here are the photos.

A few more pictures | 12/21/2004 |

This is an eight minute exposure of the basketball hoop in my driveway


This birdhouse is from my neighbors backyard
I got back home tonight and I decided to take a few photos around the Christmas tree for fun. I was playing around with long exposures as the only light in the room was from the Christmas tree lights. Here are two of the pictures I took.

I created this picture of the lights on our Christmas tree using a 1/3 second exposure and moving the camera
Christmas Tree | 12/20/2004 |

A picture of the train that circles our Christmas tree
I decided to put up a few pictures since I haven't updated in a while. These next two pictures are from the Viennese Ball back in the beginning of November. I also put up a picture of Jen and Keila's dog Tangle.

Keila in her dress for the Viennese Ball
Viennese Ball | 12/17/2004 |

Dale and Iris all dressed up for the Viennese Ball

Here's a picture I took a little while ago of Jen and Keila's dog Tangle in my room.
I went to Boston for Thanksgiving to visit my Aunt and cousins. It was a lot a fun, even though it was pretty cold. We also got to see the Blue Man Group, it was hilarious! Anyways, here are some pictures of Boston.

A silouette of some ducks in the water at sunset
Thanksgiving | 12/01/2004 |

A picture of the pond from the graveyard

Bike rider

A cool closeup of a lamp taken by Sandy

The traffic is crazy there

A picture from the park

A bell ringer for the salvation army

Reading at sunset

Playing some baseball

Another picture taken at sunset

Nice colors from the sunset

Laura, Nate, and Josh

My sister Laura trying to keep warm

My cousin Nate and my Dad

Reading by the river

Yet another picture from the graveyard

Father and Daughter

Some flowers at the graveyard

No one knows where they are going

A gravestone from the graveyard

A church from the graveyard

Hanging out in the park

Chinese Restaraunt

A picture from my Aunt's neighborhood

Another picture from the graveyard